Friday, August 21, 2009

My first marathon- OGDEN

26.2 miles later...

Interviewed by the paparazzi :)

I ran the marathon and did all my training with Dareth BFFITN!!!!

My biggest FANZ!!!

Romance in the air... Nights in Kauai

ANGEL BOY... Kyren we love you!

What a wonderful experience we had while visiting Kauai. Kyren is the little boy who drowned in the pool while we were there. I had the oppurtunity to assist with CPR and reviving him. He was actually dead when we pulled him out of the water. It was such a scary experience and so humbling. Kyren is our little Angel boy. The Lord wants him here on this Earth. He must have wonderful things in store for him. Chris and Anne are his parents. They are amazing people. Carey and I are so thankful we met new life time friends there. I am Kyren's Aunty Kimmie :)
Kyren you are amazing!!!

Golfing in Kauai....AMAZING!!!

We had so much fun golfing. We golfed about every other day while we were there. The public course is right on the beach and cost less than $60 for the both of us. We were in heaven!

What a hunk!

dead by coconut!

Grub house after golfing

Golfing with the beach 50 feet away.. Could this be Heaven?

The happy married couple :)

Wedding in Kauai...BLISS!!!!

Carey and Kim May 5 2009

Shipwreck Beach Kauai

Reverend Kristine Kube performed the ceremony

Our wedding day was perfect. We were married on the beach with our feet in the sand and the beautiful sun setting in the background. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting. I love you Carey

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Break in St. George

We hiked to a hidden waterfall and all of the kids had a blast jumping in.

Max found some friends- A mommy and baby frog.

Max jumping off the cliff. Daredevil!!!

Cute girl!

Braxton and Brody jumping in together- that's a surprise not :) Those two are inseparable

Braxton, Grace and Brody getting ready to jump in

The crew- Don't mess with these kids!!

Emily squeezed through that very tiny opening and shimmied through it about 170 yards.

Getting some shade and taking a break

Emily and Braxton climbing around

We had such a blast running around all the red rocks. We could have spent all day there. We just ran out of water and it was sooooo HOT!

The kiddos

Kimmy and Gracilicious :)

Braxton, Emily and Brody